It is every budding fashion designer’s dream to have their collections stocked at the most prestigious department stores around the world. For American-born Lebanese shoe designer Nora Habbal, that dream came true after her debut shoe collection, showcased at London Fashion Week in September 2017. Habbal, who calls London home, had her eponymous luxury shoe line picked up by Harvey Nichols-no easy feat for a newly launched brand.

Inspired by her love of high fashion and interest in holistic healing, Habbal has developed a unique way to combine the power of healing crystals into her luxury footwear collections. The Nora Habbal  design approach incorporates crystals such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Labradorite and Howlite to supercharge minds, bodies and spirits from the feet up.

Her fabulous footwear line is Carrie Bradshaw meets Blair Waldorf. Fitting, considering the shoes are handmade in Milan in a small town called Vigevano, at the same factory where Manolo Blahnik’s come to life. The delicately hand-crafted Reiki-infused crystals have been exclusively developed with the world’s foremost experts in heel design and development.

By introducing healing crystals into her designs, Habbal offers customers a way to fashionably combine sacred stones and minerals with trendsetting fashion.

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